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  • Browser
    For optimal use of the platform and the E-Learning modules, we recommend that you use a Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browser. The latest version of Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded free-of-charge at the Mozilla web site. The latest version of Internet Explorer is available from the Service Windows Update, or it can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft web site.

  • Screen resolution
    For best viewing, you should use a screen resolution of at least 1280x1024 pixels. At lower resolutions it is still possible to view all of the contents, but the media objects are scaled smaller.

  • Flash
    Our media objects are Flash-files. To view them you should have Flash Player from Adobe, Version 8 or higher, installed on your computer. You can download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on Adobe’s web site free-of-charge.

  • Java-Script
    To be able to fully utilize the entire functionality of our platform, you should activate JavaScript in your browser.