Welcome to the Virtual VectorAcademy

We welcome you on our new E-Learning platform

We are happy to be welcoming you on our new E-Learning platform. In addition to the mainly optical changes, we have updated our content to the newest technology. Our media objects can now be used in all browsers and also on mobile devices, without the use of additional plug-ins or browser extensions.

Our platform offers free introductions to the topics CAN, Ethernet, FlexRay, LIN, J1939 and AUTOSAR. Our e-learning offers are targeted at anyone who wants to be become familiar with a new topic. Our E-Learning courses are also suitable as preparation for one of our classroom courses. No user account or login are required and the usage is completely free of charge. To start directly, click on any of the courses below.

You can find our Japanese and Korean content on our old platform. These contents will also be transferred to our new platform shortly.