The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has been responsible for maintenance and further development of Ethernet since 1980. While proprietary Ethernet solutions and enhancements are available from individual companies, most of the time companies pass these over to the IEEE to ensure a broader application area, and thus commercial success. Working Group 802 has responsibility for Ethernet. For this reason, all Ethernet-related standards are numbered starting with 802 (e.g., IEEE 802.1, IEEE 802.2, IEEE 802.3, etc.).

OPEN Alliance SIG

The OPEN Alliance SIG was founded in the automotive industry a few years ago. The aim of this consortium of vehicle manufacturers and suppliers is to promote further development of Ethernet for the automotive industry. The different technical committees are working toward creation of specifications while also monitoring the market penetration and ensuring the availability of components and testing and analysis tools. The OPEN Alliance SIG works with the IEEE on the transformation of Automotive Ethernet into general standards.

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