The Specification

There are a number of standards which are derived from SAE J1939. These standards use the basic description of J1939 and often differ only in their data definition and adaptations of the physical layer, where necessary.

  • ISO 11783 – Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry – Serial control and communication

    Defines the communication in vehicles used for agriculture. Specifically, the communication between the tractor and add-on equipment, the so-called implement. The ISO 11783 standard specifies services at the application layer, for example, the control of add-on equipment via a Virtual Terminal. The add-on equipment itself brings along all graphic elements needed for its control, which the Virtual Terminal can display. Other application components are: Tractor ECU, Task Controller, File Server, and Sequence Control. The ISO 11783 standard has an extension of the multi-packet protocol defined for SAE J1939. The Working Set mechanism is also applied.

  • NMEA 2000® – Serial-data networking of marine electronic devices

    Defines the ECU communication between vehicles in the maritime environment. An extension of the multi-packet protocol – the so-called Fast Packet protocol – is also used here.

  • ISO 11992 – Interchange of digital information between towing and towed vehicle

    Specifies the message exchange of road vehicles between the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle. ISO 11992 is based on the message format of J1939 but uses a different configuration of the physical layer, namely only 125 kbits/s.

  • FMS – Fleet Management System

    The FMS standard defines a gateway between a J1939 network and the FMS.

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