Below is a list of some typical parameter groups that are not used for exchanging process information but are used instead for administering and controlling the protocol itself.

Parameter GroupPGN (hex)DocumentDescription
Address Claimed 0x00EE00 J1939-81 Used for identification of an ECU and for detection of address conflicts
Commanded Address 0x00FED8 J1939-81 Network service for assigning device addresses to ECUs
Name Management 0x009300 J1939-81 Network service for assigning and modifying the device name (NAME) of an ECU
Acknowledgement 0x00E800 J1939-21 Used for acknowledgement of various network services. Can be positive or negative. The acknowledgement is referenced accordingly in the application layer.
Transport Protocol Command 0x00EC00 J1939-21 Supplies the metadata (number of bytes, packets, etc.) for transport protocols
Transport Protocol Data 0x00EB00 J1939-21 Transmits the payload data for the transport protocols
Request 0x00EA00 J1939-21 Other PGNs can be requested using this PGN, similarly as for the CAN Remote Frame.
But note: J1939 does not support Remote Frames. The Request PGN is a CAN data frame.
Proprietary A 0x00EF00 J1939-21 Manufacturer-specific definable specific PGN
Proprietary A1 0x01EF00 J1939-21 Manufacturer-specific definable additional specific PGN
Proprietary B 0x00FF00 - 0x00FFFF J1939-21 Manufacturer-specific definable global PGN range of 256 PGNs
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