The complete J1939 specification is subdivided into various documents and chapters. All documents can be downloaded individually or in preassembled packages from the SAE website

There is a charge for the individual chapters of the J1939 specification, i.e., they cannot be accessed for free. The individual chapters are structured systematically and are loosely based on the ISO/OSI reference model, which you might be familiar with from the previous chapter. Loosely based only, because the document structure of J1939 contains a chapter 8, which is not defined in the OSI model. The organization scheme of the chapters is presented in the “Numbering scheme” graphic.


Besides the structured documents and their appendices, there is a document without number extensions. This is the J1939 top-level document in which all important features of the protocol are briefly summarized. The appendices of this document are of great importance. All parameter groups, signals, reserved node addresses, manufacturer codes, and industry groups are listed here as a quick overview.

The table on the right lists the currently existing chapters and documents.

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