Innovative vehicle functions are leading to a continual increase in complexity of the E/E vehicle architecture. At the same time, requirements for development are often contradictory, for example, supporting driver assistance systems in critical driving manoeuvers while also improving fuel economy and conforming to environmental standards. Additional challenges result from the continually deeper integration of infotainment and communication with the immediate vehicle environment and with online services.

In order to continue to meet these requirements in future, a new technological approach is required for the ECU software architecture. Without it, it will be impossible to fulfill the growing requirements of customers and legislators.

In 2003, automotive OEMs and suppliers joined together in the AUTOSAR initiative to work on this new approach. The goal of the initiative is to stem the continual repeated development of similar or identical software components. Furthermore, it aims to create a foundation for collaboration on basic functions, while leaving room for competitive development of innovative new functions. The AUTOSAR standard defined by the initiative forms the basis of future vehicle applications and helps bridge the boundaries between individual domains. The ability to flexibly distribute software in the ECU network yields additional potential for system-wide optimization.

AUTOSAR Initiative

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