Different tools are used to create an AUTOSAR ECU software. These tools can roughly be classified into the following types:

  • Tools for system design
    These tools are used to define the network architecture and communication as well as the design and distribution of the SWCs.
  • Tools for configuration of the basic software and the RTE
    These tools are used to create a configuration description of the BSW modules of the ECU (ECU Configuration Description).
  • Code generators for BSW modules
    Based on the ECU Configuration Description, code generators generate specifically configured BSW modules for the ECU.

These tasks are typically handled by different tools. Therefore, an important part of AUTOSAR is a standardized XML format that can serve as the basis for the exchange of design and configuration data between different tools.

This standardization is essential, because tools from different manufacturers are typically used within the same development project. For example, the microcontroller independent BSW may come from one software company, while the MCAL and its related code generators are prepared by the semi-conductor manufacturer.

Potentially, a different tool might even be used for each BSW module. From a practical perspective, however, it is advisable to perform the configuration of the BSW by a uniform tool.

Last modified: Wednesday, 22 September 2021, 9:52 AM