The way in which suppliers handle the basic software varies between OEMs.

For example, there are models, in which the OEM has already licensed the hardware-independent parts of the basic software from a specific software producer. In this case the supplier only needs to procure hardware-dependent parts. In other cases the OEM provides the supplier with completely pre-integrated basic software packets for a selection of target platforms free of charge.

There are also other models, in which the OEM only specifies the functionality of the basic software modules, but leaves the technical implementation and integration of the ECU entirely to the supplier. The supplier can then procure the modules from individual software producers. He can integrate the purchased modules into a basic software package himself, or leave this task to a software producer.

Some large suppliers have produced their own developments of AUTOSAR basic software and therefore also act as software producers for these in-house developments. Depending on the collaborative relationship with the OEM, specific negotiations regarding the use of this software may be required.

Last modified: Wednesday, 22 September 2021, 8:59 AM