AUTOSAR distinguishes between three types of interfaces:

  • AUTOSAR Interface
  • Standardized AUTOSAR Interface
  • Standardized Interface

An AUTOSAR interface is a generic interface, which is derived from the ports of any SWC. AUTOSAR interfaces are provided by the RTE and serve as interfaces between SWCs or between an SWC and the ECU firmware (IoHwAb, Complex Drivers). An SWC might read input values and write output values via these interfaces, for example.

A standardized AUTOSAR interface is a special AUTOSAR interface predefined by the AUTOSAR standard. These types of interfaces are used by SWCs for access to AUTOSAR services, which are provided by BSW modules of the Service Layer, such as the ECU State Manager or the Diagnostic Event Manager.

A standardized interface is an interface which is predefined by the AUTOSAR standard as an API in the C language. It is used between BSW modules in an ECU, between the RTE and the operating system or between the RTE and the BSW module Com.

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