LIN Workflow

The Consortium not only defines a set of standards required for data communication. It also defines a uniform workflow that enables a simpler and quicker development of networks (see: Graphic Workflow). The core component is the LDF, which describes the entire network.

LIN Description File (LDF)

The LDF defines all of a network‘s properties. These properties can be used to automatically generate the software components for communication. In addition, the LDF can supply necessary information to various analysis, measurement and test tools or remaining bus emulators.

LDF Syntax

The LIN Configuration Language Specification describes the syntax for creating a LDF. It is so simple that it is easy to manually create an LDF. However, the goal is to create the LDF with the help of a System Defining Tool.

Node Capability File (NCF)

Since specification 2.0, a supplemental uniform description language for nodes is available. This language, known as the LIN Node Capability Language, enables the description of Off-the-Shelf Nodes. The information is saved in a NCF file, which contains such information as message and signal definitions as well as the diagnostic functions of a node.

Last modified: Friday, 27 April 2018, 9:37 AM