LIN established

LIN is now one of the established bus systems. Today, it is used in the majority of vehicles. LIN is primarily used for convenience applications in the interior, because this area often does not require high transmission speeds or extra protection of transmitted information. Typical applications are climate control, seat, door and mirror control modules.

You will find the website of the LIN Consortium here:


For LIN there are also other specifications such as in AUTOSAR. It is theoretically possible to use AUTOSAR-compliant software components in individual nodes. In practice, however, this is seldom done, because this increases the costs of individual nodes. Normally, only the master is operated with AUTOSAR-compliant software components.

You will find the website of the AUTOSAR Consortium here:

LIN at Vector

On the Vector website, you will find other useful information on LIN. You can request informational materials or download them from the Download Center. In the Download Center, there are technical articles, application nodes and demo versions of CANoe. The demo versions include sample configurations for LIN that can be used to simulate communication in the network. In addition, the VectorAcademy offers training events on LIN where you can extend and deepen your knowledge.


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